Bob Sherman

Bob Sherman

During his career, Robert Sherman has contributed to more than 30 publications and taught numerous courses in subjects such as process analyzer sample conditioning system design, process analyzer sensor selection, and analytical chemistry. Mr. Sherman is a memeber of Sigma Xi and has served on the technical advisory boards of DuPont Process Instrucments and Precision Scientific Petroleum Instruments. In January 2002 Mr. Sherman published Process Analyzer Sample Conditioning System Technology, a comprehensive volume on sample conditioning system technology and design.

Becoming a Senior Member of ISA in 1986, Robert Sherman has held many offices at the ISA Section level. He also founded and wrote the Section newsletter for the Northern Indiana Section for almost 20 years. Mr. Sherman was recognized with the Molloy Award in 1996 as ISA's best selling Practical Guide Series (PGS) volume editor and continues to be a "Top Ten" publication editor for the Society. In 2001 he received the ISA Kermit M. Fischer Award to honor his work in environmental science.

Mr. Sherman has both international and domestic field experience and is currently business development manager with Chandler Process Instruments. Previously he was president of Petrolab Company. He also worked for Applied Automation, Inc., the largest international process analyzer manufacturer as a principal systems engineer. In this role, he optimized system design and reduced delivery schedule from 24 to 16 weeks while maintaining budget performance.

While working for Duke/Fluor Daniel, a power generation system design subsidiary of the largest international engineering and construction firm, he managed the start-up manpower planning, instrument calibration, and operations procedures documentation for a multi-national-consortium fossil-fueled utility power project located at Paiton, East Java, Indonesia.

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