Gary Rathwell

Gary Rathwell

Gary is currently president of Enterprise Consultants, offering master planning and project management services to industrial clients. He is also active in promoting PERA enterprise management concepts through the PERA web site that he established, and is working with international bodies including ISA S95 and ISO TC184/SC5 to develop enterprise integration standards.

Gary has thirty years experience in the automation and operation of process and manufacturing facilities including:

Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical

Plastics and Paint

International Crude Oil Pipelines

Construction Materials

Gas and Coal-fired Power Plants

Public Safety

World-scale Food & Beverage


Fertilizers and Explosives

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Paper Mills


As part of these projects, he has prepared Enterprise Master Plans, CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) strategies, and Industrial Networking Architectures for 12 world-scale corporations and many smaller companies.

Gary’s duties have included technical and management responsibility for the design of control and information systems on over 30 new plants and major expansions, ranging in size from a $1 million Explosives facility, to a $2 billion petrochemical complex. A total of more than 100 process computers were successfully installed on these projects. Upgrades were carried out to another 40 process plants, including installation of PLC's and a further 30 process computers. He is experienced in the application of control and information systems to process plants, including; Site-Wide Process Optimization, Operator Training Simulators, and Complex Batch Operations.

Beginning in 1970, and continuing until present, Gary has set up engineering computing facilities for 7 major corporations, including installation of the first production CAD system in Eastern Canada, and 3 generations of engineering office automation systems. As Control Systems Functional Leader for one of the world’s largest engineering companies, Gary directed engineering practices in over 50 offices world wide. He has also been responsible for design and implementation of 25 technical computing systems including production and research lab automation systems.

See Work History for additional detail.