Gas Entnahmesonde 222.15
Sample Probes
Basic in concept but tailor made,
the application dictates the parameters for details.
Messgas Pumpe
Sample Pumps
The sample gas should be transported
through the conditioning system with an equal and steady flow.
Gas Filter
Sample Filters
Filters in sample conditioning systems can require frequent
maintenance, their easily accessible elements are the main concern.
Gas Kühler
Sample Coolers
Accurate measurements require a gas sample with a stable dew point.
Our coolers provide fast and efficient dew point stabilization.
We offer single or multistream types.
Integrated automatic condensate drainers are available.
Kondensat Ableitung
Condensate Removal
In many cases high moisture contents can be removed
from sample strams by simple condensate traps.
Flow Meters
Highly corrosion resistant flow meters and regulating valves
are required at the end of the conditioning path to adjust
the flow of the sample stream to match the analyzers requirements.
A wide range of sample conditioning systems products.
In addition to the basic products we offer a variety of items like valves,
separators, pressure regulators, fittings etc.