BA 500 - Koffer

Portable Oxygen sample system
BA 500
Oxygen measurement and gas conditioning in one case.
• No zero point drift.
• No interference of CO2, CO, H2S, NO X, SO2 and H2.
• Easy to handle.
• Automatic Operation control.

BA 1000

Zirkonia Oxygenanalyser
BA 1000
• Low energy consumption.
• Independent on temperature.
• Linear output signals.
• Error protected.
• Very higfh measuring precision.
• Does not depend on the mixture of the gas.
• Very high life time.
• Flexible in use.
• Without using a reference gas.

BA 3000

Oxygen analysers
Series BA 3000
• Paramagnetic measuring cell.
• 4-20 mA output.
• Long life sensor.
• Simple operation.
• Fast, accurate, reliable.
• Precise analysis in different ranges.
• NAMUR keyboard, 19" housing.
• Switchable internal sampling pump.
• D-Sub-connectors


BA 4000

Portable Oxygen analysers
Series BA 4000
• Paramagnetic measuring cell.
• 4-20 mA output.
• long life sensor.
• simple operation.
• fast, accurate, reliable.
• precise analysis in different ranges.
• spot measurements on process plants.
• head space analysis in food packs.
• wide range of applications by different
   piercing units

BA 4500

Portable Oxygen analysers
Series BA 4500
• Measuring cell doesn´t require calibration.
• Measuring cell is drift freee.
• 4-20 mA analogue output.
• Fast, long life sensor.
• Simple menu guided operation.
• RS-232 interface.
• Internal sampling pump.
• Programmable alarm outputs.
• No cal gas necessary.


Process Refractometer PR-01S
Digital image detector. No signal drift.
• Micropecessor signal linearization
   and temperature compensation.
• Absolute calibration in concentration units.
• True refractive index measurement.
• No influence on measurement from particles,
   bubbles, crystals or by color of the liquid.
• Air cooling, no cooling water.
• No regular maintenance needed.


Sanitary Process Refractometer PR-03A
Inline Brix Measurement.
• Completely digital.
• 3A hygienic design.
• Process temperature up to 130º C (266º F).
• Process pressure up to 9 bar (125 psi).



Advanced particulate monitor
for emission control !
e.g. dust arrestment plants, cyclons, wet-scrubbers, dryers
• no optics
• virtually maintenance free
• TA-Luft aproval
• easy to install